5 Ways To Find Vietnamese Cosmetics Distributors (only local knows)

The Vietnamese cosmetics market has been experiencing significant growth in recent years, presenting lucrative opportunities for businesses seeking to expand their reach. However, tapping into this market requires finding reliable distributors who can effectively navigate the local landscape. In this article, we are willing to guide how to find and deal with Vietnamese cosmetics distributors.


1) Market & Customer Knowledge

Local cosmetics experts have a deeper understanding of the cosmetics market in Vietnam, including aesthetic trends, beauty culture, and consumer preferences. They can help shape your product and distribution strategy based on the practical needs of the market.

For example, in Vietnam, having fair skin is seen as a sign of purity and elegance. As a result, many cosmetic products in Vietnam focus on skin whitening and protecting the skin from the effects of UV radiation.

2) Understand the Competition

Local experts can analyze the competitive landscape within the cosmetics industry in Vietnam. This helps you identify competitive rivals and propose ways to differentiate your products.

In Vietnam, the cosmetics market is highly competitive, with both local and international brands vying for consumer attention. Korean cosmetics is still taking the lead but French or European derma cosmetics are also sought after. Here are some examples of competitive cosmetics stores in Vietnam:

  • Guardian.
  • Watsons.
  • Hasaki Beauty & Clinic.
  • Cocolux.
  • Bonita Beauty Comestics
  • Beauty Garden.

3) Regulations & Policies Information

Local experts are knowledgeable about regulations and policies related to cosmetics in Vietnam. They can assist you in adhering to ingredient regulations, certifications, and safety requirements, ensuring that your products comply with legal standards.

4/ A network of distributors

Establishing a network of distributors: This stands as the foremost value that local experts bring to the table. They facilitate your entry into a potential buyer network. In Vietnam, the significance of interpersonal connections cannot be overstated. A recommendation from a key figure within the network not only ensures a warm reception but also confers distinct negotiation advantages. While the option to approach distributors without such connections exists, it’s important to note that cultivating relationships from scratch demands a more extended period of time and effort.


1) Google Search

Google contains millions of search results, allowing you to explore various options for cosmetics distributors in Vietnam. This provides you with an overview of the market and potential partners.

Search results on Google often come with websites, contact information, and detailed descriptions of cosmetics distributors. This helps you learn about them before reaching out.

Some search results may include ratings and reviews from previous customers about distributors. This gives you insight into the quality of service and reputation of potential partners.

When using Google Search, foreign cosmetics brands can compare different distributors based on the information and criteria you set.

2) Google Shopping

Google Shopping displays cosmetics products with images and prices, providing international cosmetics brands with a visual overview of available products in the Vietnam market and more importantly, their sellers.

Google Shopping allows you to apply filters and search options to narrow down your search and find the exact products you are looking for, your direct and indirect competitors. Then you can further find out who are selling them. These sellers can be your distributors or your competitors. Either way, this is valuable information for new brands like you.


LinkedIn allows you to build a professional network with people in the cosmetics industry in Vietnam, including both experts and businesses. This social media provides advanced search tools that allow you to filter results by location, industry, skills, and various other factors. This helps you identify the most relevant individuals.

Moreover, LinkedIn often updates about events, training programs, and industry insights related to cosmetics in Vietnam. This helps you stay updated on the latest trends and industry information.


Wholesale websites often have a broad network and connections with various cosmetics manufacturers and importers in different locations. This helps you access a wide range of distributor options in Vietnam.

The distributors are using these kind of websites to introduce the products they offer on the market and search for retailers. That’s why you can easily identify distributors and if they are potential for your brands.

Some wholesale websites integrate discussion systems or ways to contact distributors directly. This helps you inquire about collaboration, and related terms.


While your Facebook page might be fully set up and your page’s content could be optimized for SEO, your brand is still in its early stages. The awareness of your brand among cosmetics distributors in Vietnam is minimal or even close to nonexistent, which translates to exceedingly low website traffic. This is the juncture where utilizing Facebook Advertising tools becomes crucial to showcase your website to potential Vietnamese distributors.

Create ads to spread the message that your brand is looking for distributors in Vietnam. Showcase your products by catching images or videos, presenting various benefits for cooperating with your brands… You may wonder how business people can be active on Facebook or if Facebook ads make your brands look less premium. In Vietnam, Facebook can be individual or can be business. Many potential distributors are active on Facebook so Facebook ads is a cost-effective way to spread your message to them.


In conclusion, navigating the Vietnamese cosmetics market and finding reliable distributors is a multi-faceted endeavor. By following the outlined tips, businesses can connect with and forge strong relationships with Vietnamese cosmetics distributors, paving the way for long-term success. With dedication and a strategic approach, businesses can thrive in the vibrant Vietnamese cosmetics industry.

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