10 Best eCommerce Sites in Vietnam To Sell Your Products

Top 12 sàn thương mại điện tử lớn nhất Việt Nam và thế giới

Due to the outburst of technology and extraordinary development of Vietnam eCommerce, retailers, and business owners are stepping outside the box by starting to invest in pushing business models towards online-based. Therefore, to develop an online business, retailers must choose the appropriate eCommerce platform in Vietnam as it follows along their business journey.

The availability of many eCommerce platforms in Vietnam makes it difficult for retailers to choose. Here is a ranking of the Top 10 leading e-commerce websites in Vietnam.

A Glance At Vietnam’s eCommerce Market

Vietnam Credit’s Country Report 2021 states that e-commerce, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, is the fastest-growing economic sector in Vietnam with a growth rate of 18%. It also has a market value of 11.8 Billion USD. The average online shopping cost per person has increased sharply from 160 USD in 2015 to 225 USD by 2019. The National E-commerce Development Master Plan (for the period 2021-2025) predicts that e-commerce revenue will rise by 25% annually and reach 35 billion dollars. Meanwhile, the average online shopping price per person is expected to be 600 USD per year.

Nielsen reported that, since the pandemic broke out in 2020, the demand for shopping through e-commerce platforms has increased sharply. So far, more than 70% of Vietnam’s population has access to the internet, 53% of which use e-wallets for online purchases.

1. Shopee.vn – still the dominant e-commerce marketplace in Vietnam

In Q1 2022, according to the eCommerce report by Iprice, SameWeb, and App Annie Shopee had completely predominated Vietnam eCommerce marketplaces with more than 84.5 million visits monthly.

Based on that analysis, Shopee takes control over other competitors on all fronts. This is also thanks to the enormous financial support from the parent company Sea Group which has enabled Shopee to gain ground among the eCommerce marketplace leaders. Shopee stated that it will continue to focus on its regional market, with an expected revenue of approximately 81.000 billion VND ( ~ USD 3.9 billion) in 2022.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, Shopee is still a skyrocketing e-commerce marketplace as the monthly visit per month has increased by roughly 20.8 million visits from 63.7 million in 2021 to 84.5 million in the 1st quarter of 2022. 

Founded in 2015, Shopee joined Vietnam eCommerce as a late-comer. Nevertheless, owing to the appropriate business strategy identifying good customer segments, target customer’s insight, strongly focus on retailers and young generation shoppers. Besides, the website’s interface is designed with eye-catching, and easy to use, and the function order processing quickly, smart product filter is also an advantage for Shopee.

Best for:

  • Ongoing flash sales and heavily discounted products
  • Cashback purchases
  • Over 100 million products including every home and lifestyle good

2. Thegioididong.com – Mobile World

This e-commerce platform is under the possession of Mobile World Joint Stock Company, established in March 2004.

According to statistics about Vietnam’s retail market in 2020 for the mobile device segment, MWG’s market share accounted for about 50%, which makes it the largest enterprise in this field. The company also entered the top 100 largest retailers in Asia – Pacific.

Although not a trading platform for sellers and buyers like other exchanges, The Gioi Di Dong maintains the top position by the strategy of “Customer-centered” with 50 million accesses per month. 

Best for:

  • Affordable second-hand goods – even for the latest global models such as the iPhone 14.

3. Lazada.vn

With 30 million accesses per month, Lazada still maintains the top 3 positions. Although there are not many head-to-head campaigns like other exchanges and a decline in the number of accesses, Lazada still asserted its position as a subsidiary of Alibaba, owned by billionaire Jack Ma.

Especially with the success of the “Không sao mà, Việt Nam ơi” campaign on 21/8/221 with the purpose of promoting the spread of positive energy towards the community as well as supporting the front line in the fight against COVID-19 through a live music event from the first people who are the homes of participating artists, Live broadcast on Lazada app and other media channels from 19:00 to 23:30.

Perhaps Lazada’s strategy is to launch small but quality attacks. As a result, the Lazada brand image appears in special locations in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi.

Best for:

  • Multiple international and domestic payment options
  • Purchasing 100% authentic global and local brands
  • Easy returns

4. Dienmayxanh.com 

Present in the Top 10 is Dienmayxanh.com. This is a famous e-commerce website owned by The Gioi Di Dong Joint Stock Company 

Established in 2010, Dien May Xanh has grown strongly with 117 supermarkets, becoming the first electronic retail system in Vietnam covering 63 provinces and cities, despite the turbulent and challenging electronics market.

There is a fluctuation in the monthly web visits, The data shows that the number of visits to websites of e-commerce platforms in the first quarter of 2022 ( 20.8 million) decreased by an average of 14% compared to the same period in 2021 (21 million). 

Best for:

  • Buys refrigeration electronics, household appliances, and technology products. Buy online at dienmayxanh.com good price, and dedicated professional service.

5. Tiki.vn

Tiki is another B2C e-commerce platform, and unlike Lazada and Shopee, Tiki is a local homegrown Vietnamese marketplace.

Started in 2010 selling books online, Tiki has seen tremendous growth and now states itself as the second top e-commerce site in Vietnam and sixth in Southeast Asia countries, and Tiki now showcases electronics, lifestyle goods, and of course books.

Although it is the fifth most visited e-commerce platform in Vietnam, the number of visits to its website has decreased dramatically. It welcomes nearly 17 million visits per month in 2022 (compared to more than 30 million visits in 2019), ranking 3rd in app downloads on iOS and Android.

Best for:

  • Homegrown Vietnamese e-commerce platform
  • Books, electronics, and lifestyle goods
  • TikiNOW membership includes free delivery in major cities

6. FPTshop.com.vn

The second e-commerce website of FPT Corporation has always been in the Top 10 leading e-commerce platforms in Vietnam in recent years.

FPT Shop is an e-commerce website specializing in selling mobile devices such as phones, computers, genuine electronic accessories. The strategy of FPT Shop is to always choose super special locations at intersections of big cities, and cover all provinces. 

7. Cellphones.com.vn

CellphoneS is the most prestigious mobile device retail system in the market today. CellphoneS strategy remains loyal to the fields of mobile devices. This makes a great success of CellphoneS in Vietnam’s e-commerce market.

Although not as big as rivals Thegioididong or FPT Shop, but with its prestige and brand CellphoneS still plays before the firm steps in the fierce e-commerce market.

A Youtube channel named “Schannel” was created with the original purpose of supporting the promotion and sales of the CellphoneS chain. Before becoming a channel with diverse content for young people, Schannel focused on exploiting technology topics. From phone product evaluation, comparison, and technology experience of brands, Schannel has gained a solid foothold with famous VJs until now. 

8. Bachhoaxanh.com.vn

Price’s statistics show that the first and second quarters of 2021 mark the first time the food retail chain ranks in the Top 5 with the most visited e-commerce websites in Vietnam, in which Bach Hoa Xanh is the only name that is not an e-commerce floor. According to SimilarWeb, in the food retail industry, Bach Hoa Xanh has almost no rival when the traffic volume in August of this chain reached 8.5 million, 10-60 times higher than other retailers, only from 130,000 to 720,000 turns.

This gap also shows Bach Hoa Xanh’s ability to serve during the period of increased distancing. Because when no one can go to the supermarket to buy, consumers only have to approach retailers through online tools. When many systems were still confused about how to remove access to customers, within 48 hours, Bach Hoa Xanh had completed all purchase links for nearly 2,000 Zalo groups – representing each Bach Hoa Xanh store on the Internet. system. Each group helps connect with people within a 2-3km radius of the supermarket. Through the links embedded right in the group, customers can easily choose goods when they know the inventory at the supermarket near them. All processes are automated with simple operation, convenient for both buyers and staff. Currently, the system has access to 1.3 million accounts and serves nearly 60,000 orders per day. 

9. Sendo.vn

Sendo is an online e-commerce platform introduced to the Vietnam market in September 2012. This e-commerce company is under the management of FPT Online Services Joint Stock Company – FPT Online. Currently, Sendo has a wide delivery system throughout the provinces and cities across Vietnam.

With about 11 million visits per month, Sendo is the 9th largest e-commerce platform in Vietnam. Buyers on Sendo.vn can complain to change goods or receive a refund within 24 hours after receiving the item, if they are not satisfied with service quality. In addition, the e-trading site of FPT also develops a comprehensive system to assess quality of products and services provided by shops.

10. Dienmaycholon.vn ( Cho Lon Electronic Market)

This is a new name in the top 10 leading e-commerce websites in Vietnam. Until the 3rd Quarter of 2019, dienmaycholon.vn website suddenly rose to the 8th position, ranked above Adayroi.

This website specializes in selling electronic products, electronics, furniture, and so on.

Wrap Up

2023 is a booming year of the Mobile App. The major e-commerce websites are not only catching up but also tapping into this potential mobile market. By developing applications for mobile and encouraging users to use them with attractive incentives for mobile. Therefore, foreign retailers can use a marketplace or an e-commerce platform, or add a shopping cart to an existing website.

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