The Covid-19 epidemic has made it difficult to trade internationally and export internationally. Many companies, including those in the cosmetics sector, use eCommerce to increase sales and reach new customers online. To support eCommerce and to achieve their goal of growth and scaleability, cosmetic retailers must shift away from traditional business practices in order to keep pace with the overall development trend in the global economy. These e-retailers are big in the market and sell mostly cosmetics from foreign brands. They can be your potential partners to launch your cosmetics brand in Vietnam.


Hasaki was founded in April 2016 in order to provide complete health and beauty care services for Vietnamese citizens. It offers secure, fast online shopping with a wide selection of high-quality cosmetic products from many of today’s top brands.

Hasaki’s eCommerce website, which was built using the open-source platform Magento, was carefully planned and developed. This allowed clients to shop online with ease and efficiency.

Hasaki’s investment in eCommerce has attracted more than 7 million users per month. This is a remarkable feat. Smart strategy enabled this company to expand its market penetration and identify and diversify the target customers. Hasaki’s eCommerce site

  • Website: https://hasaki.vn/
  • eCommerce platform: Magento
  • Traffic: 7.244m/month
  • Ranking: 514 (Vietnam); 26,288 (Global)

The Gioi Skin Food

Another well-known eCommerce site, The Gioi Skin Food, sells cosmetics to over 2,000,000 monthly visitors. Haravan worked with this business to create an efficient eCommerce website that has an easy-to use interface.

The Gioi Skin Food now uses eCommerce to complement the traditional retail shop model. This has proven extremely successful. This would allow the company to keep up with the online to-offline (O2O), trend, and increase brand awareness and revenue. The Gioi Skin Foods eCommerce Website

Watsons Vietnam

Watsons Vietnam is owned by The Watsons Group. It is Asia’s largest retail company for beauty and health products. It aims to offer Vietnamese customers the best shopping experience and high-quality products.

Watsons adopted O2O as its business model immediately after it entered the Vietnamese market. Watsons Vietnam, with the aim of dominating this market, invests in an eCommerce website using SAP Commerce Cloud and a store system distributed throughout Ho Chi Minh City.

The website receives more than 1,000,000 visits per month due to its user-friendly interface. Watsons Vietnam eCommerce Website

  • Website: https://www.watsons.vn/
  • SAP Commerce Cloud is an eCommerce platform
  • Traffic: 1.267M/month
  • Ranking: 2,715 (Vietnam); 129,769 (Global)

The Gioi Son Moi

Because of their high quality products and friendly staff, The Gioi Son Moi has become a well-respected and trusted place to purchase lipstick. Each day new products are added to this site. This ensures that the site has a constant supply of lipsticks from well-known brands in the right shades at affordable prices.

To join the common playground for the cosmetic retail sector, The Gioi Son Moi launched an eCommerce website. The website was built using the Haravan platform. It has a simple interface, but it is elegant and complex.

The company’s success in the innovation market context is also evident by the high traffic volume (more that 1,000,000 monthly). eCommerce site of The Gioi Son Moi

  • Website: https://thegioisonmoi.com/
  • eCommerce platform: Haravan
  • Traffic: 1.103M/month
  • Ranking: 3,582 (Vietnam); 156,691 (Global)

Bo Shop

Bo Shop is a company offering a wide range of high-quality cosmetics from skincare to makeup at prices that are designed to meet the needs of all types of beauty.

To keep up with current business trends, the company quickly created an eCommerce website using WooCommerce. This will allow them to be the best cosmetic retailer in Vietnam. Bo Shop’s eCommerce Website

  • Website: https://www.boshop.vn/
  • WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform
  • Traffic: 1.020M/month
  • Ranking: 5,030 (Vietnam); 234,462 (Global)


Guardian has been a household name in Vietnam for many years. This brand is part of the Dairy Farm Group, which manufactures and distributes renowned beauty and health products throughout Asia. Guardian opened its first Vietnamese outlet in Vietnam in 2011. The company has over 100 outlets.

The business began its transformation in 2019 and merged offline and online business models. Guardian is focusing on the creation of omnichannel sales networks (Omnichannel) using Shopify. Guardian also deploys potential sales channels such as apps, eCommerce platforms, GrabMart, and fast delivery channels through GrabMart.

Customers have more options for home shopping that are quick and affordable. The Guardian website attracted nearly 1 million monthly visitors after only a few months of operation.

Guardian rose to the top of its industry and has become the largest and most recognized retail chain for beauty and health products. This is due to significant investments in creating a multi-channel ecosystem. Guardian eCommerce Website

Lam Thao Cosmetics

Lam Thao Cosmetics was officially opened in 2017 and has been a favourite shop for young people ever since. Lam Thao Cosmetics continues to improve its product range with the lowest prices in order to offer customers more options and enhance their experience.

Lam Thao not only offers high-quality products, but also has an eCommerce website on the Haravan platform that enhances clients’ offline as well as online buying experiences. Lam Thao Cosmetics has seen a substantial increase in online sales due to its eCommerce implementation. Lam Thao Cosmetics’s eCommerce site

Nuty Cosmetics

Nuty Cosmetics is the place to be if you love cosmetics. After more than ten year of operation, the company is still a trusted source for genuine beauty products from well-respected manufacturers in the US and France.

Nuty Cosmetics’ website was created using the WooCommerce platform. It has an intuitive interface and other features that will please clients who shop online. Nuty Cosmetics’ website also provides detailed information about each product and clearly outlines the costs.

Nuty Cosmetics, even though it has only 200,000 monthly visitors, has the potential to be a major player within the cosmetics industry if they put in the right effort and attitude. Nuty Cosmetics eCommerce Website

  • Website: https://nuty.vn/
  • WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform
  • Traffic: 229,347/month
  • Ranking: 7,505 (Vietnam); 352,535 (Global)

AB Beauty World

AB Beauty World (ABWW) was established in the midst the Covid-19 epidemic that was raging in Vietnam in 2020. It was created with the aim of becoming the best family-friendly cosmetics retailer. Despite the fact that the birth seems to have been at an inappropriate time, the brand has not lost heart.

AB Beauty World is now a well-established company with more than 20 branches in the city’s neighborhoods. It was established in HCMC in 2002. The focus of the business has been on increasing eCommerce through timely redirection.

WooCommerce-powered cosmetics site for AB Beauty World has a tailored interface and capabilities. Although the website has seen over 150,000 visits since its launch, it is still a welcome addition to the digital revolution. The eCommerce site of AB Beauty World

  • Website: https://abbeautyworld.com/
  • WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform
  • Traffic: 157,602/month
  • Ranking: 3,538 (Vietnam); 169,419 (Global)

Beauty Garden

Beauty Garden is a top distribution and retail brand for real cosmetics. The company was established in 2014. It has successfully expanded its retail network to include many provinces and major and small towns across the country, such as Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.

Beauty Garden also focuses on creating eCommerce websites within the context of economic integration. The company’s website was built using WooCommerce, which is the most widely used eCommerce platform in the world and is perfect for cosmetics businesses.

Beauty Garden’s eCommerce implementation is a smart move. The area has a lot of potential for development and the company was able to use those advantages to create a business model. Beauty Garden’s eCommerce site

  • Website: https://beautygarden.vn/
  • WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform
  • Traffic: 127,439/month
  • Ranking: 6,029 (Vietnam); 284,460 (Global)

All things considered, Covid-19 has had a significant impact on consumer shopping habits for a wide range of goods. Particularly, online shopping has made it possible to shop for cosmetics. This information is a summary of our evaluation on 10 eCommerce websites with a strong reputation and the ability to satisfy customers’ needs when they make a purchase decision for cosmetics.

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