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Let us know your market and we will share your products with our distribution agents in Asia, China, VIetnam, Thailand, indonesia, Malaysia

Brand Awareness

In Asia, Branding is very important, especially when looking for distributors


Create Brochure of your products easy to share in Wechat group and distributors

Distributors Exposure

Get more views from distributors with Google Baidu

E-Commerce distributors

One of the easiest way to find distributors is to use e-Commerce platform ar ecommerce app


Use Digital Marketing tool to prepare for salons and exhibits in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand

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Distribution in Asia our clients

We had the honor to work with some great brands in China mainly and Asia. We are developing new solutions to identify and contact distributors, partners and expand your business. Asia is the future

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For Distribution in Asia

While in many countries a traditional "sales" approach is still working fine, in China however, it is another story. Consumers are suspicious when it comes to new products, so are Chinese distributors. If you are looking to developing your distribution network in China, your very first step is going to be building your e-reputation via different Chinese channels and social media. Having a good e-reputation gives you more chance to sign with a distributor but also more leverage when it comes to negotiation. Why Chinese distributors don't sign with unknown brand? Because Chinese consumers do not buy unknown brand. So ask yourself: If you were a distributors knowing this, would you take the risk?

Distribution in Asia

How can marketing help me to find Distributors?

marketing is a great tool when you have to develop your distribution in Asia China, and south east Asia. You need story telling, exposure, credibility, good products and clear positioning as a imported brand .