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Design a great package for a great campaign


Our creative team can create a modern and eye-catching design to make your brand more appealing for Chinese customers


We can promote your brand on several Chinese platforms so that your brand will have a maximized visibility.


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Rich of several years of great work in the city of Shanghai, we would be happy to share with you our knowledge of the Chinese market. Our passionate and multicultural team of experts are here to help you with your project. Here are some our our case studies.


Miss Yap Packaging for China

The importance of design

No matter the size of your company, you need a brand design that will attract many customers. The design of your packaging is really important, especially in China. Though you have a quality product, if the design of your packaging isn't eye-catching then you will sell less. The image you give to your brand is important to keep up with the competition and stand out of the crowd !

Orchard farmer - Packaging for china market

Packaging and Story Telling

We use packaging as a mean of writing a story, sharing brand identity and value. We create Design that resonate with the Chinese public and Chinese culture.

Bear Naked - china packaging design

Design and more

Packaging is one step of the process. We support our clients growth in China with digital marketing: web design, SEO, copywriting, e-Commerce, consultation services...

Lyfen Packaging Campaign -Moon Festival China

Success Story

A design crafted especially for the need of a unique campaign for a traditional festival. A packaging that celebrates China's ancestral culture, perfect example of localization well done.

Moon Festival Lyfen Box China Packaging Agency

More than packaging

We pushed the boundaries with this Lyfen packaging. More than a packaging, we turned this box into the perfect gift full of sweetness that can live a second life as a jewellery box.

Packaging agency china


KEY VISUAL DESIGN 50-80k/design EXTENSION DESIGN 20-50k/design


Do Chinese have different taste in terms of packaging design ?

Yes ! Chinese people love colorful packaging. They also tend to love really extravagant design but it seems that the trend is to get more sober and refined design.

What are the difficulties ?

You need to be careful in your choice of colors. Colors have a meaning in China ! Some are greatly appreciated in Chinese culture (red for example) but some others should be avoided. It is also important to find a Chinese name, chosen cautiously, because only a minority of Chinese can speak or read English.