6 Tricks to Attract Distributors in Vietnam

In fact, there are often cases: you want to choose a partner but that partner does not choose you, and vice versa, the partner wants to choose you, but you find that partner is not suitable for the distribution model of your business. Professionalism, saving investment costs in warehousing and available distribution system, etc are advantages that make indirect distribution through distributors the first choice for foreign enterprises and manufacturers. However, many businesses share that choosing a Vietnamese distributor and “living” in harmony with them is not simple. If it is a large enterprise with strong product sales, it will not be difficult to attract distributors. But for many smaller international brands, convincing distributors to agree to distribute their products in Vietnam is not an easy task.

So how to attract the right partner you want? When dealing with business distributors, you should note the following tactics:

1/ Offer a higher discount

Usually there is no regulation on the discount rate for the distributors. This discount is agreed upon between the manufacturer and the distributor based on the characteristics of each type of goods and the needs of the market. In order to attract distributors, businesses can offer them with a higher discount than competitors, but must consider it carefully so that profits do not shrink too much.

2/ Create a close relationship with existing distributors

Regularly invite them to participate in conferences and seminars with the business departments of the company, listen to their suggestions and explore the solutions they can offer. In addition, businesses need to pay attention to other benefits such as banquets, travel, and other forms of emulation and rewards for excellent distributors.

3/ Cooperate with businesses whose products are close to your products

Other brands that you should associate with must meet two requirements: First, their products must be similar to or accompanying your products. Second, their products are being distributed by the distributors that you want to reach. For example, if you are a business that produces fashion accessories such as shoes and bags, look for alliances who are fashion designers and their products are distributed by the distributor you want to target. When customers realize that a certain fashion brand’s dress will look the best when it comes with your business’s bag, the distributor will certainly come and offer to cooperate with you.

4/ Offer effective marketing programs

Beside the discount, the issue that distributors are especially interested in is the product marketing programs implemented by you. If you can map out a unique and effective marketing program, making the distributors believe that it will help increase sales, convincing them to distribute your goods will not be difficult.

5/ Shows that your business is often very successful when launching new products

If your distributor fears your products are too new, demonstrate that your products have been very successful in other markets.

6/ Maintain credibility with existing distributors

Nothing convinces a new distributor better than compliments from distributors who have worked with the business. Keeping a good relationship with current distributors is important to retain distribution partners and create a premise to expand distribution channels for your enterprise.

To cooperate with distributors successfully requires a long process of preparation and extensive knowledge and skills in the market. Let us help you!


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