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You may be asking why you should care about the ways Vietnamese wholesalers and retailers source health supplements. As manufacturers, they are your clients. Therefore, understanding how they seek and choose products via different channels help you have a bigger picture of the competition and how the market works. Apparently importing directly from you is not the only option but it has various advantages compared to other methods.

1) Direct Import from Overseas Sources

When it comes to sourcing wholesale imported health supplement products, there is an option of importing directly from manufacturers.

a) Advantages of the Direct Import Method

This approach offers several notable advantages:

  • Negotiation: You can negotiate with the sellers directly when importing health supplement products in bulk, potentially securing better prices.
  • Business Opportunities: If you travel to the sources, the business trips can open many other opportunities.

b) Disadvantages of the Direct Import Method

However, this method comes with its share of risks and challenges, including:

  • Language Barriers: Language barriers can pose difficulties if you’re not proficient in the local language of the country you’re importing from.
  • Scale and Costs: This approach is typically more suitable for larger businesses, as importing from manufacturers may require a high minimum order quantity.
Finding Quality Sources of Health Supplement Food Products through Direct Imports from Abroad

2) Sourcing Health Supplement Products Continuously via Personal Imports

Vietnamese people can source wholesale health supplement products through:

  • Friends and Relatives Abroad: Reach out to friends and relatives living and working in other countries who can purchase these products for you.
  • Hiring Flight Attendants: Another option is to hire flight attendants who can purchase products from abroad and bring them back with them on flights.

This approach is very unique for Vietnam market, and it is super popular. In fact, hand-carried goods is a strong competitor of officially imported goods since they are usually cheaper. However, it’s important to note that this method is temporary, lacks stability, and doesn’t offer a continuous supply. Import quantities are limited when done through personal imports, and there may not be many opportunities to find a consistent source of health supplement products. Besides, consumers are also cautious if this non-official imported goods are authentic or not because it is hard to confirm.

3) Wholesale Sourcing of Health Supplement Products through Intermediaries

Currently, there are numerous intermediary agencies that specialize in purchasing and transporting goods. It is common to collaborate with these agencies to source wholesale health supplement products. Import costs may vary depending on the origin and source of the goods.

For example, the cost of importing wholesale health supplement products from the United States may be higher than importing from South Korea or Japan. One of the most apparent reasons for this is the distance and transportation routes from the source to the destination, whether it’s near or far.

The primary drawback of sourcing and importing health supplement products through intermediaries is the substantial cost involved. This can be particularly challenging for small-scale businesses that cannot afford to import large quantities. Additionally, another limitation is that finding a source of health supplement products through intermediaries heavily relies on the reputation and business practices of these intermediary agencies.

4) Sourcing from Domestic Manufacturers

A relatively secure method in the pharmaceutical business is to source wholesale products domestically. Herbal supplements locally produced are increasingly acknowledged as effective and affordable. Vietnam offers up to 40% of the market need when it comes to health supplements. To obtain a reliable source of quality goods and favorable wholesale prices, you should consider approaching local manufacturers directly. During negotiations, specifics such as the quantity of products to be imported and the exact wholesale pricing will be discussed.

When sourcing wholesale health supplement products in this manner, it’s crucial to choose reputable manufacturers. Such companies typically have a strong reputation in the industry and offer various training programs and support for their sales agents.

5) Online Sources of Health Supplement Products

This is the most common method for sourcing health supplement products. It allows people in Vietnam to save time and reduce import costs. However, it comes with a limitation—the quality of your source largely depends on the supplier you choose. Therefore, it’s advisable to select reputable and well-established suppliers with clear documentation.

6) Sourcing Wholesale Health Supplement Products from Local Distributors

Currently, the development of both wholesale and retail business models is a prevalent approach among pharmaceutical distributors. This means that small businesses can source health supplement products in smaller quantities to make a profit. Sourcing wholesale health supplement products from distributors can provide you with a reliable source and help you overcome the limitations of other methods because they officially import from manufactures with full quality and origin certificates.

When you become a business partner with distributors of health supplement products, you’ll receive excellent support and benefits in your business endeavors. Therefore, this is considered one of the optimal sources for health supplement product businesses.

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