Top Health Supplements Distributors & Retailers to Partner With in Vietnam 2023

Health supplements are widely available in Vietnam. The country has a lot of pharmacies, drugstores, and supermarkets that sell supplements. However, it is not easy to find the best stores or the best retailers to distribute your health supplements. This article will provide you with the most popular stores and websites that local people trust and usually turn to for quality health products. They can be potential partners for your business of health supplements in Vietnam.

Under FPT Digital Retail Joint Stock Company – a member of FPT Corporation, FPT Long Chau Pharmacy is one of the prestigious pharmaceutical retail chains in Vietnam. FPT Long Chau specializes in providing a variety of functional food products, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and many health care products.

Long Chau Pharmacy commits that:

100% genuine, clear-origin products
Having various models and types.
Sold at Good prices
Easy returns in 30 days.

Health Supplements that Long Chau provides:

Physiology – Hormones: Female physiology; Male physiology; Sexual health; Hormonal balance; Menopause support
Digestive support: Microbiology – Probiotic; Colon; Constipation; Undigested; Stomach; duodenum
Support treatment: Kidney, prostate gland; Musculoskeletal; Support gout treatment; Respiratory, cough, sinus; Support the treatment of hemorrhoids; Support diabetes treatment; Support cancer treatment
Beauty support: Supports weight loss; Skin;Hair
Cardiovascular health: Varicose veins; Lowers Cholesterol; Blood pressure
Nervous system: Support good sleep; Stress management; Brain supplement – improve memory
Improve function enhancement: Alcohol relief; alcohol withdrawal; Liver function; Eye supplement, eye protection; Against aging; Increase resistance, immunity; Support metabolism
Mineral vitamins: Multivitamins; Calcium & Vitamin D Supplement Iron & Folic Acid Supplement Zinc & Magnesium Fish Oil; Omega 3; DHA; Vitamin C of all kinds; Vitamin E of all kinds
Milk and baby nutrition products.

Long Chau is also gradually modernizing itself to better meet the health care needs of customers with online ordering services, fast and free delivery.



Megavita Vietnam Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is an online shopping channel in Vietnam specializing in providing health and beauty products of famous brands Blackmores, Kirkland, Horbaach, Swanson, Healthy Care, Puritan’s Pride, Nature’s Bounty, … from Japan, USA, Australia, .. with the best prices on the market today. This site provides complete and accurate product information and is a place where customers can easily order products, pay flexibly… or contact directly for expert advice.

Megavita Vietnam Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has 2 e-commerce websites which are & In addition, customers can visit its stores on Shopee, Lazada, Facebook and Instagram.

Coming to Megavita Vietnam Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, customers are always assured of buying genuine products directly imported, with clear origin and full invoices. With the mission to help domestic consumers to access and use quality health care products from abroad, Megavita always ensures the most competitive product prices in the market. And beside monthly promotions, Megavita always gives its customers practical gifts such as: masks, throat sprays, lozenges, fever tablets, flu,…

Above all, the products at Megavita Vietnam Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd are carefully packed before being delivered to customers, in order to reduce breakage during transportation as well as secure product information. Besides, the company’s packaging is also beautifully designed, very suitable for buying as gifts for partners, relatives and friends.

Why is Megavita Vietnam Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd trusted by many customers?

Product information is clear and accurate (origin, product use, …)
Committed to 100% genuine products ordered from major sales channels such as Amazon, Costco, Walmart, Swanson,…
Reasonable price
Professional consulting & customer service with in-depth knowledge of dietary supplements.
Friendly interface, easy website browsing
Simple, flexible and fast payment

Website: &


MEDiCARE was established in Vietnam in 2001 with the first store with an area of 600m2 in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. MEDiCARE is the first & only retail brand in Vietnam for Health and Beauty Care for more than 10 years until competitors appear in 2011.

With a retail system that has been expanding across the country, MEDiCARE has gradually steadily created a stable customer base. Customers know MEDiCARE with genuine products, rich variety and reasonable prices for beauty & wellness needs every day. You always discover interesting things when you come to MEDiCARE.

MEDiCARE is a leading retailer in Vietnam in Health & Beauty with many positive feedback. MEDiCARE is committed to providing genuine health & beauty products with guaranteed quality and affordable prices along with fun shopping for young-minded customers who have the need to care about beauty & catch up with modern trends. MEDiCARE is always a reliable companion to help you love life more while keeping yourself healthy, charming & young with interesting discoveries whenever you visit MEDiCARE.

The modern and professional MEDiCARE Store chain, always full of energy with vibrant colors, is now available nationwide to bring you a sense of convenience, friendliness, comfort and freshness when shopping.

As a leading brand, MEDiCARE always considers customers as the top priority in all of its business strategies. The main products of MEDiCARE include: Medicines – pharmaceuticals, functional foods, common health care products, cosmetics, skin care products, hair care, shower gel, oral care and men’s products.



With the motto of creating “The best care” for customers, Bestcare has constantly strived, looking for quality products and most reasonable prices to bring to customers. With the trust of customers over the past 10 years, BestCare’s products are always carefully selected, and are purchased directly by the company itself from genuine dealers of famous brands such as Neocell, Neutrogena, Relvon, Nature Made, Yves Rocher, Veet, Gigi, Ivory Caps… from USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia. BestCare does not sell products BestCare knows are not beneficial to customers’ health (such as weight loss pills), although profits and buyer demand are very high compared to other products.

To meet the expectations and trust of customers over the past time, Bestcare commits to:

  • Selling 100% genuine: Bestcare specializes in directly importing cosmetics and dietary supplements from the US market and without any intermediaries.
    Selling at the right price: Bestcare offers you many good choices with a variety of cosmetic products and health supplements. Famous brands and trends are always updated and brought to our customers.
    Dedicated, professional service: With a professional customer care team, meticulous advice on the products is provided. Ordering is convenient. You can use direct phone call, skype, online chat… to buy. The form of payment by bank transfer or direct payment depends on customers. Flexible shipping methods help you quickly own your favorite items in the fastest time.
  • Bestcare wishes to bring the best care to customers when using Bestcare products.



VinaVitamin started its establishment in 2008 in Ho Chi Minh City. It is a store selling nutritional products, vitamins and minerals to support the health of the community. At the beginning of 2010, VinaVitamin launched the website aiming at reducing intermediary costs and better serving customers directly. Just sitting at home with a few simple clicks, customers can order VinaVitamin’s products easily and quickly through the website Within just 1 year of being put into operation, the website has served hundreds of orders per month across the country, creating trust and prestige in the market.

With a team of leading experts in bones, joints, cardiovascular, cosmetology … with many years of experience, VinaVitamin has selected the best and most necessary products for the body to sell from traditional Omega-3s, vitamins, and minerals to special products such as Liquid Glucosamine and Hydrolyzed Collagen to help consumers choose and use products correctly and safely.

In terms of origin, the products provided by VinaVitamin are imported directly from famous and reputable brands in the field of health supplements in the US and France with full certification and legal publication. In addition, all products have achieved quality standard certifications from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Vietnam Food Hygiene and Safety Administration and are popular in many developed countries in the world. More importantly, VinaVitamin is a direct importer, so the price is very competitive, thus ensuring the highest interests for customers, thereby helping customers reduce the risk of buying poor quality or fake goods.

Major brands are imported and exclusively distributed by VinaVitamin in Vietnam market: Nature’s Bounty, Pharmekal, Now®, BlackMores™, etc..

VinaVitamin is committed to product quality and always helps customers improve their health and life in the best way!

Hachi Hachi Japanese store appeared in Ho Chi Minh City in 2007 with a wide variety of products imported entirely from Japan and quickly became a favorite shopping place of customers.

More than 60% of products are made in Japan, the rest are manufactured in Korea, China, Thailand, Poland… according to specific orders of Japanese companies. All are according to Japanese quality and aesthetic standards shown by unique features, delicate colors, elegance and high safety.

Coming to Hachi Hachi, you can understand more about the lifestyle and daily life items of the people of the land of cherry blossoms. The functional food products sold at Hachi Hachi are also products used daily by Japanese people and are present on the shelves of convenience stores in Japan and many countries around the world such as New Zealand, Canada, Colombia, Korea…



This is a reputable company in the market in distributing health products directly from companies. So it is ensured that you buy genuine products at a reasonable price when you go to website of Song Khoe Supermarket Co., Ltd.

With a modern, user-friendly website selling a wide range of health care products, helps many people find and buy all the products they like best that the company provides.

All products at are officially imported from the manufacturers. This ensures the origin, quality and price of each product. In particular, the products that the company brings to customers are affixed with the VERIFICATION LABELS to ensure that customers receive genuine products.

When ordering at website, you will not only get quality products at competitive prices, but also experience great service:

Nationwide delivery: When buying products at, customers will receive free shipping nationwide. Moreover, the delivery service is also extremely fast. Those who are in Ho Chi Minh City within 24 hours can receive it. Hanoi will take 1 to 2 days. Customers in other Provinces will take 3 to 4 days.
Professional and enthusiastic advice 24/7: Sieuthisongkhoe has pharmacists closely consult customers regarding how to use products and how to eat properly to have a healthy lifestyle most suitable for the customers’ conditions.
200% refund if found fake: only provides quality goods to users. If customers find fake goods, they will be refunded 200%.
Customers can visit the website or pick up the phone and call the hotline 0888 533 350 for more information about the products.
Once the order has been successfully placed, customers can rest assured because the company will seal the goods by the VERIFICATION LABEL FROM THE COMPANY and deliver to the customer’s hands, ensuring genuine products are distributed from the company.

Sieuthisongkhoe is really a reliable place to buy health products, supporting the treatment of diseases from common to dangerous ones.



It can be said that health products distribution system in Vietnam is like a jungle and quite challenging to navigate. The above distributors are just some well-established names among hundreds of big ones. This is a huge and competitive market. However, with many years of experience, we will help you approach the most suitable distributors for your health supplement brand in Vietnam, and consult you to have the most favorable contract terms with distributors.


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