Top 15 Food Distributors in Vietnam

Vietnam is considered one of the markets with very potential food consumption today. This vibrant food market in terms of quantity and quality means the emergence of many “big guys” who act as suppliers of quality food. So what are those names? In today’s article, let’s learn about the best food distributors in Vietnam with GMA!

1. Dai Thuan Food – Dai Thuan Consumer Goods Joint Stock Company

Dai Thuan – 29 years in the field of Exclusive Import & Distribution of Frozen Food, packaged under renowned brands from countries such as South Korea, Germany, the United States, Australia, etc.

  • Ice cream, milk, coffee, bottled water, cakes
  • Dumplings, crab sticks, beef
  • Cheese, milk powder


✓ Network of over 9,000 retail outlets covering nearly 100% of domestic sales channels.

✓ Partners with Big C, Aeon, Metro, Lotter Mart, Family Mart, Co.op Mart, Emart, etc.

✓ Awards: Third-class Labor Medal, Commendation from the Prime Minister.

2. Korean Food Distributor – Faso Vietnam Co., Ltd

FASO Vietnam specializes in importing and distributing various products such as seaweed, dried vegetables, rice cakes, spices, etc., from well-known brands like Joia Collage, Garimi, Pororo, Dori dori, Pigeon, Act’z, Sabdokkaebi, etc.

☑ Diverse range of consumer goods from South Korea

☑ Meets the diverse needs of customers

☑ High-quality products, ensuring safety for users and the environment


☞ 15% discount on all product categories

☞ Free delivery within Hanoi city.

3. Gofood Market – FBC International Trading Company Limited

With the mission of helping Vietnamese consumers access and enjoy high-quality cuisine from top culinary cultures around the world such as the United States, Australia, Japan, etc.

FBC founded the brand GOFOOD MARKET – Meeting all needs for:

♐ Meat: Wagyu beef, lamb, pork, German sausages, pork belly, ribs,..

♐ Seafood: Salmon, shrimp, squid, octopus, marinated mackerel, squid,..

♐ Seasonings: Wine, thyme leaves, pink salt, butter, various sauces,..

✓ Imports fresh and clean food, ensuring hygiene

✓ Direct imports from Japan, the United States, Germany, South Korea, Australia, the Netherlands,..

✓ Fast delivery, ensuring fresh and delicious goods to the consumers’ doorstep.

4. Gofood Premium Food – FBC International Trading Co., Ltd

With the mission of enabling Vietnamese consumers to access and enjoy high-quality food from the world’s leading culinary cultures such as the United States, Australia, Japan, etc.

FBC established the GOFOOD brand – Meeting all needs for:

♐ Meat: Wagyu beef, lamb, pork, German sausages, pork belly, ribs,..

♐ Seafood: Salmon, shrimp, squid, octopus, marinated mackerel, squid,..

♐ Seasonings: Wine, thyme leaves, pink salt, butter, various sauces,..

✓ Imports fresh and clean food, ensuring hygiene

✓ Direct imports from Japan, the United States, Germany, South Korea, Australia, the Netherlands,..

✓ Fast delivery, ensuring fresh and delicious goods to the consumers’ doorstep.

5. Samy Food – Samy Food Company Limited

With the motto “Customers are the highest deity” SAMYFOOD is committed to providing high-quality, safe products with clear origins:

  • Vegetarian food: Rice cake tteokbokki
  • Dried food: Spicy noodles, vermicelli, Haidilao hot pot base,
  • Frozen food: Hot pot balls, beef, seafood,…


✓ Enthusiastic and truthful product consultation

✓ Support for local and long-distance deliveries, maximizing nationwide delivery costs

✓ Strict pre-delivery quality checks for products.

6. Good Price Imported Salmon Dealer


The company is a reputable importer and distributor of frozen salmon products for stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels:

  • Salmon heads
  • Salmon fillets
  • Salmon fins
  • Whole salmon
  • Salmon loin
  • Chilean salmon,
  • Salmon portions
  • Custom cuts,..

✓ High quality, no preservatives, ensuring food safety

✓ Fast delivery, ensuring the freshness and deliciousness of the salmon is always guaranteed

7. Phuc Dat Food – Phuc Dat International Import-Export Company Limited

➨ Specializing in providing top-imported frozen food in Vietnam:

  • Diverse products: Pork, chicken, beef, buffalo, and seafood.
  • Clear origins, imported from countries such as the United States, Canada, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands,..
  • Clean food, meeting VFA standards and international export standards.

8. Premium Food Company Limited

Import premium food products such as Norwegian salmon, Australian beef, Australian lamb, etc.

These products are transported by air from renowned factories in Australia, such as Campbell, Midfield, Halal, etc.

Hifood offers a diverse range of items tailored to each customer’s needs. Hifood – continuously evolving with the best products and services!

9. H2T Frozen Food – H2T Food Co., Ltd

►► A pioneering entity in the field of imported frozen food supply: PORK, BEEF, CHICKEN, SEAFOOD, AND BUFFALO MEAT


✦ NO harmful additives, NO harmful preservatives

✦ High-quality imported products sourced from the USA, South Korea, India,..

✦ Delicious and nutritious flavors, with distinctive taste profiles

✦ Certified by the Ministry of Health for Food Safety and Hygiene

➥ Promotion: Free shipping from 50% – 100% on all orders

10. VIETPOWERLIFE Imported Confectionery – VIETPOWERLIFE Import Export Co., Ltd

VIETPOWERLIFE – Proud to be a leading food importer in Vietnam


✔ Data from over 3,000 customers

✔ Over 300 diverse products with clear origins

✔ The most affordable prices and genuinely quality products.

11. Huy Long An – My Binh Food – Huy Long An – My Binh Co., Ltd (HCM Branch)

  • Fohla Wagyu Beef – Hoku Bee: Ribeye, sirloin, beef fat, outside skirt, flank, beef bone-in ribeye, short rib,…
  • Chicken and pork: Garlic chicken thigh, pork belly, pork knuckle, pork leg meat.

❣ Suitable flavor for every cooking method: Stewing, grilling, hot pot, frying,..

❣ Free from harmful preservatives, and growth-stimulating agents

❣ Meat has firmness, elasticity, natural color, and no chemical soaking

=>> Committed to providing clean food meeting VFA standards!!!


Homefarm International Joint Stock Company is an imported food store chain offering products such as US-Australian beef, fresh Norwegian salmon, imported and locally-produced seafood, and imported fruits.

✓ With the desire to provide customers with opportunities to enjoy convenient, high-quality international food at competitive prices, the Homefarm team continuously strives to expand and enhance the system, aiming to offer quality products at reasonable prices.

✓ In 2018, Homefarm expanded its store network to over 50 locations in Hanoi and Hai Phong. In the coming years, they plan to further expand to 100 stores nationwide.

✓ Vision: “By 2020, Homefarm will be the number one premium food store chain in Vietnam.”


➞ Deliver the best products and services to customers.

➞ Create an environment for employees to develop their capabilities, contribute value, and build successful careers. Every employee can take pride in working at Homefarm


TYNA PEARL Fruit Store specializes in selling imported fruits, pastries, and beverages from renowned countries such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, South Korea, etc. The store provides full documentation, including food safety certificates, plant quarantine certificates, and customs clearance documents.

Carrying the mission of “Bringing imported fruits to every Vietnamese family,” TYNA PEARL has established its own position in the imported fruit retail market.

Here are the main product lines that TYNA PEARL offers:

  • The sweetest and most delicious imported fruits from various countries
  • Genuine imported pastries and confections…
  • Imported beverages: Beer, wine, coffee…
  • Premium imported cosmetics

With the following principles:

  • Quality products with clear sources, origins, and product bills support certain items
  • Products as shown in pictures
  • Competitive prices
  • Accurate, truthful, thorough buying and selling consultation
  • Clear and mutually beneficial cooperation policy
  • Updated trends, over 3000 product codes
  • VAT invoice support
  • 48-hour delivery service

Commitment: No selling of expired or counterfeit goods, If customers identify such cases, TYNA PEARL will retrieve the goods, refund the money, and provide 100% compensation for the value of the goods.


Hưng Thịnh Phát Food Trading Company Limited operates in the field of importing and distributing both wholesale and retail food products.

With the motto “Putting consumers at the center of all activities,” we currently provide value-added and nutritionally sound products to supermarkets, distributors, and customers nationwide, all for the health and preferences of our customers.

Hưng Thịnh Phát Food maintains mutually beneficial relationships with agents, distributors, suppliers, and other business partners.

Our products come from renowned brands from around the world:

  • Energy bars BAKALLAND
  • Dried fruits BAKALLAND
  • Fruit juices from LIGO
  • Fruit juices from HORTEX
  • Fruit juices from COSTA
  • Organic fruit beverages from WILD ONE

15. Trung Minh Thanh Food Co., Ltd

With experience working in import-export companies, the founders of Trung Minh Thanh Company recognized the vast potential of the import-export market and the trend of foreign goods integration into Vietnam. On October 1, 1998, Trung Minh Thanh Trading Company Limited was established, focusing primarily on import and export, including agricultural products, animal feed, handicrafts, packaging, and materials.

If you need to find a local food distributor in Vietnam, GMA is willing to help you!


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