Top 15 Food Distributors in Vietnam

Vietnam is considered one of the markets with very potential food consumption today. This vibrant food market in terms of both quantity and quality means the emergence of many “big guys” who act as suppliers of quality food. So what are those names? In today’s article, let’s learn about the best food distributors in Vietnam with GMA!

1. Thanh Nam Food Company Food

Established in 2010, Thanh Nam Food is proud to be the leading prestigious unit in the field of supplying food, food, and industrial kitchens to hundreds of units across the provinces, with the focus being the provinces. , southern cities like TP. Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong,…

About service quality: With a fleet of trucks with a tonnage of 500kg to 15 tons, specializing in delivery and delivery, ensuring output and input materials in a safe – fast – quality – efficient way. 

Thanh Nam Food currently specializes in providing:

Fresh food ingredients: eggs, meat, fish, vegetables, dried food, spices for companies, factories, factories, schools…

Industrial catering: a partner providing kitchen ingredients and more than 50,000 industrial meals for factories, companies, schools, hospitals, and residential areas.

Here are 5 reasons why Thanh Nam is currently a food supplier for more than 100 large kitchens:

  • Raw materials from gardens and farms: Thanh Nam takes the initiative, and builds a closed system, with absolutely no intermediaries. Thanks to that, always control the quality.
  • Strictly implement food hygiene and safety in accordance with international regulations and ISO and HACCP standards.
  • Always stable in terms of supply and quality.
  • Reasonable price for large, medium, and small partners.
  • Delivery team by dedicated refrigerated vehicle: the food is always the freshest from the garden to the organization’s kitchen.

2. CP Vietnam

C.P Livestock Joint Stock Company. Vietnam (CPV), is a member of the leading agricultural group in the region, C.P. Group.

By building the scale according to the 3F standard “Feed – Farm – Food” – the most advanced international 3F standard applied in the livestock industry today. C.P. Vietnam invests in a series of the most modern and advanced equipment, from breeding in farms to production and processing plants. All of them comply with the international 3F rule “From Farm to Fork – A Food Safety Pathway”, the whole system adheres to a closed process to absolutely prevent disease and contamination problems.

To meet the needs of food distribution, many C.P. food store systems were born such as C.P. Fresh Mart, CP PorkShop, and CPFoods,…

At, in addition to an abundant source of fresh food such as fresh pork, chicken, eggs, etc., consumers can choose to buy processed foods including frozen foods. , processed foods, marinated foods, pork, chicken, fish, sausages, sausages, tofu, spring rolls, rolls, seafood of all kinds, snack cakes, …

3. Thien Vuong Food Joint Stock Company (ACE FOODS)

After 15 years of operation, Thien Vuong Food Joint Stock Company (ACE FOODS) has become Vietnam’s leading importer and distributor of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and cheese products. , dairy, potatoes, … for the system of restaurants, 4-5 star hotels, supermarkets, and clean food stores nationwide through the following criteria:

“Best Quality, Best Price, Best Service, and Highest Stability”

Up to now, ACE FOODS has become a supplier and strategic partner of many large customers, 5-star hotels such as JW Marriott, Sheraton, Sofitel Metropole, Melia, InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Daewoo, Grand Plaza, Vinpearl…, restaurant chains, supermarkets, clean food stores across the provinces and cities nationwide.

4. Huu Nghi Food Co., Ltd

Huu Nghi Food Co., Ltd is constantly growing. 

  • From the initial frozen products mainly from chickens, then gradually expanded to pigs, cows, seafood,…
  • From the quantity supplied from several tens of kilograms to the weights, tons,… 
  • From the initial few employees. to several dozen dedicated employees and collaborators, etc. 
  • From one branch being expanded to many closely linked branches,…

All of these are proving that Friendship Food is growing stronger and has a great reputation. in the hearts of customers.

In addition, 100% of goods at Huu Nghi Food are imported officially with full inspection documents of the Department of Food Hygiene and Safety.

“Bringing the best quality products at the cheapest price” is always the top criterion that Huu Nghi Food Co., Ltd. brings satisfaction, and is trusted by customers.

5. NGUYEN HA Food Co., Ltd

Nguyen Ha Food Company Limited is one of the importers and distributors of high-grade processed meat products in Vietnam.

The company’s activities are specialized in outsourcing, processing, and trading in high-grade processed meat products, as well as implementing quality control according to French standards, products such as sausages, ham, and beef…

Nguyen Ha Food’s products are currently present in the system of restaurants, hotels, resorts, and supermarkets… Besides, the company also provides potato products, sauces … to serve the needs of customers

6. Loc Van Xuan Food Company

Loc Van Xuan Company is known as a reputable unit specializing in providing fresh food (chicken, duck, pork, beef…), and processed foods of all kinds to schools and homes. restaurant, industrial catering company.

Raw materials are imported directly from Emivest Vietnam Co., Ltd., one of the largest livestock companies awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) with a “Certificate of Disease Immunity” and “Initiative to improve animal feed products”, the farm has more than 10,000 poultry with high productivity.

In addition, is a long-term supplier for international fast food groups such as KFC (USA), and Lotteria (Korea).

7. Foodland Joint Stock Company

Foodland is a reputable unit dealing in genuine products with affordable prices and good customer care policies.

The products that Foodland currently provides include dry food, fresh food, fruit, seafood, cereals, spices, and juices… for restaurants, hotels, and industrial kitchens.

Besides, Foodland also owns an extremely safe product transportation system and ensures the best quality. This is also an important factor in choosing a supplier of agents. In addition, all Foodland products are licensed with qualified food hygiene and safety certificates.

8. Hoang Dong Food Co., Ltd

Hoang Dong Food Company Limited is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of clean food in Hanoi. 

With a diversified, rich, high-quality product portfolio and the best service spirit, Hoang Dong Food Co., Ltd. has built a system of providing products to customers through services in Schools, restaurants, companies, collective kitchens, etc.

9. FamFood Company

Famfood is a leading reputable official distributor of imported clean food in Hanoi. 

This is an import partner of many big food companies from Australia, the USA, Canada, Denmark, Russia, Brazil, Korea, etc. With nearly 3 years of operation, Famfood has become a reputable partner specializing in food distribution. Imported and frozen products in Vietnam.

Owning a European-American standard cold storage system, Famfood also builds an online sales channel to a system of clean stores, from wholesale to retail, and imports for industrial kitchens, hospitals, and schools. …

10. Phu Gia Food

The products here are produced from a closed chain, Feed – Farm – Food.

In addition, Phu Gia Food also owns the most modern technology models and applications. The company has entered into a joint venture with Master Good Group to launch an automatic slaughter line with extremely high capacity.

11. Dai Thuan Food – Dai Thuan Consumer Goods Joint Stock Company

Dai Thuan – 29 years in the field of Importing & Exclusive Distribution of Frozen Foods, packaged from famous brands in Korea, Germany, the USA, and Australia.

– Ice cream, milk, coffee, bottled water, cake

– Dumplings, crab sticks, beef

– Cheese, milk powder


✓ A network of more than 9,000 retailers covering nearly 100% of domestic sales channels.

✓ Partners of Big C, Aeon, Metro, Lotter Mart, Family Mart, Co.op Mart, and Emart.

✓ Awards: 3rd class Labor Medal, Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister.

12. Korean Food Distributor – Faso Vietnam Co., Ltd.

FASO Vietnam specializes in importing and distributing products such as seaweed, conifers, rice cakes, spices, etc. of famous brands such as Joia Collage, Garimi, Pororo, Dori dori, Pigeon, Act’z, Sabdokkaebi.

☑ Rich in product lines of Korean consumer goods

☑ Meet the diverse needs of customers

☑ Quality products, ensuring safety for users and the environment


☞ 15% off for all categories

☞ Free shipping within Hanoi city.

13. Gofood Premium Food – FBC International Trading Co., Ltd

With the mission of helping Vietnamese consumers access and use high-quality food from the world’s leading culinary elites such as the US, Australia, and Japan.

FBC founded the GOFOOD brand – Meeting all needs for:

 Meat: Wagyu beef, lamb, pork, German sausage, pork belly, ribs, …

Seafood: Salmon, shrimp, squid, squid, pickled saba, octopus, …

Condiments: Wine, rosemary leaves, pink salt, unsalted butter, assorted sauces, …

✓ Import fresh, clean, and hygienic food

✓ Imported directly from Japan, USA, Germany, Korea, Australia, Netherlands, …

✓ Fast delivery, keeping fresh goods to consumers.

14. Samy Food – Samy Food Company Limited

With the motto “Customer is God”, SAMYFOOD is committed to providing quality, safe products with clear origins:

  •  Vegetarian food: Tokbokki rice cake…
  • Dry food: Spicy noodles, vermicelli, Haidilao hot pot, …
  • Frozen foods: Hot pot balls, beef, seafood, …


✓ Enthusiastic and true advice on products

✓ Support for the inner city and car delivery, maximum support for nationwide delivery costs

✓ Goods are strictly inspected before delivery.


15. H2T Frozen Food – H2T Food Co., Ltd

A pioneer in the field of supplying imported frozen foods: Pork, beef, chicken, seafood, and buffalo meat.


✦ NO stimulants, NO harmful preservatives

✦ Source of quality products imported from the US, Korea, India, ..

✦ Delicious, nutritious, characteristic flavor

✦ Passed the “Food Hygiene and Safety” certificate by the Ministry of Health

➥ Promotion: Free shipping from 50% – 100% for all orders.

If you need to find a local food distributor in Vietnam, GMA is willing to help you!

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