How to find distributors in Malaysia (Full Guide)

If you are a brand and want to sell in Malaysia, distributor’s partnership is a great option. Malaysia is multilingual, multilingual and multicultural. The market that has just become industrialized is open and ranks high in the World Bank’s “Ease of Doing Business” survey. It was ranked 12th among 190 countries. Malaysia is one of the most successful economies in Southeast Asia and has been designated as a High Growth Market by Department for International Trade in recent years. The GDP per capita in 2019 was $11,072.4. This is an increase over previous years. This has made the economy that was primarily commodity-based, a more export-oriented economy.

Distribution Companies Malaysia

What role do distribution companies play for Brands and Businesses?

Finding the right distributors to distribute their products is a major problem for start-ups in manufacturing. Distributors and agents can be crucial in the success of a company’s business. Many manufacturers have difficulty serving markets directly in today’s global marketplace.

Diverse companies can be served by many distribution companies. Distributors and agents are a valuable addition to the distribution process. JV Partner helps companies find the right distributor for their business. Our goal is to ensure that the distributor you choose has a deep understanding of the market and the culture.

A Good distributor company will ensure that you get the correct products at the right time and to the right place. It is also important for consumers to receive their products in good condition. Distributors have different roles that they must fulfill for both consumers and manufacturers. Manufacturers may have difficulty serving direct markets, as we mentioned earlier. Distributors have been used extensively to perform a wide range of functions for consumers. They are responsible for fast delivery of products. Distribution companies are also crucial in providing product information and assisting with buying decisions.

Partner with Locals

Distribution companies can predict market needs with their market knowledge. Distributors can make product promotion more engaging by using local language and cultural references. The right distributor can make or break a manufacturer’s entry into an overseas market. The distributor is the key to accessing the market. Distribution companies can free up capital by purchasing products.

Forecasting market needs is a key role played by agents and distributors. They are able to accurately predict what customers need based on their market knowledge. This allows manufacturers to offer superior value to customers. They also provide valuable information that can be used by companies to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Many companies want to expand their distribution networks in Malaysia. We match manufacturers with reliable distributors in their area. Register with us today if you’re looking for a distributor company. JV Partner is dedicated to helping distributors and manufacturers achieve profitable and successful businesses.

Franchising via Distributors?

A wide range of franchise options are supported by the Malaysian economy. Foreign franchises are widely accepted and the United States is Malaysia’s largest source of foreign franchisors. Investors are becoming more selective when choosing franchise opportunities. The Malaysian franchisee would be interested in niche concepts that offer unique value propositions. The demand for authentic Asian food and drink concepts is high on the food and beverages front. Except for some well-known brands, there is a decline in demand for Western food concepts such as pizzas, Western-style sandwiches, burgers, and pizzas. Hot pot concepts from China, such as Haidilao’s success, are in high demand. Popular culture, TV and music from South Korea and China have sparked an increase in interest in their national cuisines.

Perbadanan Nasional Berhad is a corporatized entity that has been assigned the role of the lead agency for the development of the Franchise Development Program. It falls under the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs. Its mission is to promote and support both local and international franchise brands. PNS promotes local franchise concepts but is open to collaboration with foreign franchises. PNS sees lower-cost services as the next major mover for entrepreneurs.

Malaysian franchise sales are governed by the 1998 Malaysian Franchise Act (amended in 2013). The Registrar of Franchise requires all franchisers selling franchises in Malaysia to register. The Registrar of Franchise requires all U.S. food- and beverage franchises to comply with halal requirements, as over 60% of Malaysia’s population are Muslims. Halal is based on Islamic Sharia Law. However, the Malaysian standard MS1500/2400 is used for halal food production, processing, and handling. This standard provides practical guidelines to the food industry for handling and preparing halal foods.

What are the advantages of working with distributors in Malaysia?

Many foreigners with little knowledge of the Chinese market rely on their eCommerce Partners and distributors. These companies can assist you with imports, storage and shipping, as well as marketing.

Distributors have the advantage of a large network of partners that can quickly sell your products and deliver them to customers and retail stores.

Distributors get a commission on sales. This is a strong incentive to reach as many sales channels possible to maximize profits.

You don’t have to open a Malaisian business, such as a Wholly foreign-owned enterprise or a Joint Venture. This can be difficult and time-consuming.

Distributors will instead handle imports, storage and delivery within Malaysia.

Due to the high demand for these products, we find the majority of distributors for food products. These products can be difficult to sell internationally due to their high logistics costs.

How do I find distributors in Malaysia

It can be difficult to find distributors, especially if your language is not Chinese/Malay. It can be a lot easier to work with the right people. Spending some money can help you save time and cut down on the hustle.

Below are some options for finding distributors in Malaysia.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions
You can find Malaysia distributors and importers by visiting one or more trade fair. You’ll attract potential business partners by having your product displayed.

Malaysia hosts many trade fairs each year. You can register yourself or have a third party attend these fairs on your behalf. They usually have a booth set up and can promote multiple foreign brands simultaneously.

Third Parties
Foreign companies often hire third parties to help them identify Asian distributors. These third parties often do an initial market analysis and translate product descriptions into Malaysian People. They then list the products online so distributors can see them.

These services are usually sold in packages that include market analysis, Chinese labels, product registrations, customs Registration, CIQ Registration, and sometimes other add-on services.

They can also represent your products at trade fairs, as mentioned previously. Working with third parties has the advantage of continuous outreach and traveling to various cities in Malaysia to meet buyers.

This will save you a lot of time, and you will get great exposure in a very short time.

You can search online

Online searching for distributors can also be an option, but it can prove difficult. It is possible to reach random distributors by phone or online, but it can be difficult and time-consuming. Most Malaysian small Business can not speak english and do not reply emails

You run the risk of finding unreliable distributors. This is less likely if your partner has previously worked with distributors.

You can make contact with Malaysian business people to try to get a referral to distributors.

This is a great way to build your credibility by introducing someone you know who has worked with the distributor.

Chambers of Commerce
You should also contact your Malaysian Embassy or Chamber of Commerce when searching for distributors. They may be able to help you find the right service provider.

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