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Château Palmer - Bordeaux Wines.

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The wines of Château Palmer. His words. From the same philosophy, so many expressions of its terroir. Over time, these tributes to the surrounding nature of the Margaux appellation and to the heritage of Château Palmer resonate. Not with force; but all in finesse, in elegance. With age, the grands crus, the words of Château Palmer, take on more meaning. The complexity. That of the terroir of Château Palmer is expressed in its wines. Plot by plot, its teams ensure it on a daily basis. Merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and Petit Verdot, which protects and enriches a plural nature, develop notes of fruit, flowers, and spices. No exuberance. Especially not. But, with the passing of time, more harmony still, length always. Between aromatic richness and the power of tannins, velvet. Spontaneity. This sudden desire for gluttony, without waiting, Château Palmer wanted to satisfy it. Its philosophy always in mind, another expression of its terroir has been given. Since the 1998 vintage, a new approach in the selection and the assemblies signs supple and round wines, with fresh fruit, intense, crunchy, juicy ... Alter Ego. From the end of aging, the natural in the bottle.



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