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Digital is the future of branding

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Use your image to generate a 'buzz', this is about developing your reputation in an efficient and quality way. To surf on your competitor’s negative 'buzz' will help you to promote your brand.

Press Relations

Branding is also communicating to media to seduce better the consumer ! To appear in digital press is a testimony of quality and security for the Chinese consumer.


Chinese people are drawn to a certain aesthetic, a first impression is always created by a brand’s design. You need to work on the company’s image to be attractive.

Social networks

Social networks are a very important part of Chinese netziens' habits. You can’t neglect this means of communication: it is gold mind in terms of engaged users.


In many sectors, online influencers can help you rapidly develop a positive reputation, they have already built up a strong community around them which can be tapped into. It is important to target the right communities on the right platforms.


Baidu has a quasi-monopole in China with 75% of online research made on this single search engine. We are able to guarantee excellent visibility and the best content creation services

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Here are some of the great brands we helped entering the Chinese market.


A different digital landscape

The internet is the best way to work on the your brand awareness and image. You must target users for better penetration on the media platforms that are essential in China. Having a brand presence on Baidu, developing your press relationship, communicating on Chinese social networks, managing communities and creating quality content are all integral.

Our strength

Gentlemen Marketing Agency boasts a team of experts with a great degree of knowledge in this market, of culture and current events. This allows us to choose the right strategies adapted to your business. We can offer online PR campaign, designs, social network campaign, everything that your company needs to get a good implementation. Let Gentlemen Marketing Agency implement your digital strategy in China. We are the best agency for SEO and are also able to promote your image with banners on search engines and PPC links.


Why does digital branding matters to my business in China ?

Simply because it is almost impossible to generate brand awareness in China without using the internet. There are three times more smartphone users in China than in the USA, and 11 times more mobile payment users. Moreover, they all spend hours on their phones everyday, mostly on social media and e-commerce platforms. Indeed, a digital presence is essential to a brand. But the digital landscape in China is really different, get the help from our experts to guide you through it !

What are the trending strategies for the digital market in China ?

The major trend are short videos, around 5 seconds only ! Chinese love to watch this format. There would be approximatively 400 millions viewers now. It’s interactive and appealing, but also short so it is convenient to watch during their commute in the subway or their break at work. Miaopai has become attractive for branded content online. Our company always keeps up with the latest trending strategies of the moment.